Code Enforcement

Inoperable/ Abandoned Vehicles


Borough Code Chapter 101 prohibits abandoned /inoperable vehicles.

Make sure all vehicles on your property are licensed and inspected.

  • Make the vehicle legal by obtaining a valid license and inspection 


  • Contact a metal scrap yard to have the vehicle removed. Many scrappers  will pay you for the metal.


  • Provide the Borough with the keys and title and the Borough will arrange for the vehicle to be removed.

~Failure to comply will result in the vehicle(s) being impounded at the owners expense and additional storage and legal costs may apply.~

Lawn Maintenance


Property Owners, Landlords, & Realtors are required to keep their properties maintained by keeping lawns mowed and other vegetation trimmed.   Borough Ordinance 259 

  • Grass is not to be higher than 6 inches.
  • Property owners, landlords, & realtors are responsible for keeping their properties maintained according to Borough Code.
  • Lawns not maintained will be mowed by the Borough at the owners expense.

The Borough reminds residents not to mow grass clippings into the street. Grass clippings are considered litter. Residents found mowing grass into the street could receive a fine from $50 to $300.  Borough Ordinance 299 

Land Use Permits/Building Permits


When To Get A Permit

Permits are required when doing any remodeling or repair to the outside of your property. The type of permit required depends on the type of work you are doing. There are two types of permits, Land Use Permits issued by the Borough and Building Permits issued by Pennsafe. 

Land Use Permit

This is the most commonly issued permit. This permit is for basic repair and remodeling on a private dwelling where no structural changes to the dwelling are being made. A land use permit can be obtained in the Curwensvile Borough Office.

How to Get A Land Use Permit

An application for a Land Use Permit can be filled out in the Curwensville Borough Office between 7 AM and 3 PM Monday thru Friday or you can print it by clicking on the download button below.

You will need the following items to obtain a permit:

  • Completed Application
  • Contractors PA License Number & Insurance Information.  (If Applicable)
  • Plot Plan (If Applicable)
  • Check For $50 made out to Curwensville Borough. We also accept cash.

Building Permits


Please contact the Borough Office @ 814-236-1840 before applying for a building permit.

Building permits are required when there is new construction or there are alterations to an existing structure. All work done to commercial properties require a building permit.

Click Here For Single Family Dwelling Permit Application. (Most Common)

Click The Button Below for Other Types of Building Permits.

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Other Types of Permits

Burn Permits


For the safety and comfort of all our citizens, the Borough requires a Burn Permit.

Click Here to Download!

Peddling & Solicitation Permit


Solicitation Permits are issued in the Borough Office. A brief background check is required.

Click Here to Download!

Wood Cutting Permit


Citizens may cut downed trees and limbs at Irvin Park. A SIGNED PERMIT IS REQUIRED. 

No standing trees can be cut.

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Please Obtain The Proper Permit

Applications are available in the borough office or click the link below to download and print. Please bring the completed application, any supporting documents required, and a check or cash for any fees due to the borough office. If approved, your permit application will be signed and a copy held on file in the Borough Office. Call 814-236-1840 for Assistance.