Bilger’s Rocks

Bilger’s rocks is a geological wonder, Surrounded by an enchanting forest of  flora and fauna. It is open to the public on a year around basis and maintained by a non-profit group of volunteers. It is a unique and permanent attraction that affords a quality and inexpensive adventure in the great outdoors. If you and others are about natural discovery and mystery, self-designed to meet your exploration cares and needs across a variety of disciplines, geology, deep-time, earth science, history, wildlife, nature walks, environmental inquiry research, and a mosaic of recreation choices, then this might meet your, family, or group needs for the unusual.

This is a great place to visit. Whether you just want to take a
peaceful walk in nature or you are deeply interested in the geological side of  things, Bilger’s Rocks await you.

(814) 577-8362, Terry O’ Connor
(814) 592-1819, Gary Tucker
(814) 236-0338, Andy Keller



Mailing Address:
The Bilger’s Rocks Association
P.O. Box 133
Grampian, Pa 16838


Contact Establishment
To make camping or pavilion reservations, please call Gary (814) 592-1819

We now have camping spots available!
$10.00 w/o electric
$17.00 w/ electric

Tour Guides are also available!